A modern purpose built facility that’s family owned and run.

The staff consists of Thomas Cummins (Director), Siobhan Cummins (Nurse Manager), registered nurses, care assistants, catering and household staff. Medical care is provided under the direction of one’s own G.P or local G.P. There are also a number of therapists to support the team to enhance care.

At Cherry Grove Nursing Home we strive to achieve an environment where:
Residents are confident and satisfied.
Staff are content.
Respect is paramount in the care of each individual with respect to his or her needs and culture.
An individual plan of care is provided for each resident.

Cherry Grove Nursing Home provides a team of highly skilled professionals and personnel. It is our belief that the essence of nursing care is acknowledging the individuals physical, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic and cultural needs in a relaxed, safe but homely environment.

Care Plan

The care of each resident is carefully planned and co-ordinated by the team in conjunction with the resident, family and direction of their G.P or local G.P